I refuse to tell you the significance of this number



Oh look!
Its my Harley!



Skronks Commentary

New sarcastic commentary coming soon...

If you are using Microsoft's Internet Explorer to view this site,
please go away. If you like Microsoft Operating Systems, go away.
If point/click is the only way you can use a computer, go away and learn
something and stop pretending that you "know something about computers".
You dont. Frankly, you dont know shit...about computers.
If you refer to your hard drive as memory and your tower/desktop case
as the hard drive, someone should come over, take that computer away
from you, and give it to someone that its not totally wasted on. If you think
you are "Into computers" because you play a lot of games, guess again.
You are "Into games", not computers. Lastly, if you are "Into computers",
you can go away too. Anti-social freak if ya ask me.
Go do something in the real world, loser. Get a tan. Do some fuckin thing.

Lots of blinky things, little flashing items, and shiny stuff will be added later
to entertain those of you with ADHD. (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

Considering what is supposed to be "HOT"
in web pages these days, I'd have to conclude that this applies to most of you.

They probably wont do anything but  can you imagine the excitement?

By the way, you are just one of

idiots to have visited this useless site just today!

That is exciting!

Well...OK so the hit counter is fake!

I dont really give a crap how many hits I get :-)

Speaking of excitement...


I am a member of the


Check out the skydiving link in the side frame

Anyway, back to the stupidity...

I have just placed an order for 60 or 70 more banner advertisements, not because I need
the financial contributions, but because most people wont recognize this as a web site
without them. My long term goal here is to create a site that is so overcrowded with
crap that nobody will be able to figure out that this site has no real content or purpose
. Just wait till the java applets kick in!


Here is another cool thing! A picture of ME!(Chris)

This is a self portrait

When you look at this

picture of me, you need to make sure that you are imagining the

sound of a chainsaw cutting through a nasty (nasty) windows box.

Actually, I recommend that you make the noise out loud with

your mouth. If people look at you strangely just show them

the picture. If they continue to look at you strangely, well

put yourself in their shoes for a second. You are sitting

there making chainsaw sound effects, for gods sake!

Yes there is some gray in the beard and hair. What do you want??! I'm 40 GOD DAMN years old for crying out loud!!! GIMME A DAMN BREAK WILLYA??!?!


Insults and Jibes can be mailed to:


Just because they deserve it and its FUN!

(oops, did it again)

What Video Game Character Are You? I am a Base-defender.I am a Base-defender.

What's mine is mine, and I make sure everyone knows it. Nobody invades my space without permission - I'd destroy everything I own before letting someone take it from me. I tend to be forward-facing, which is both a strength and a weakness.